Expert Fault Finding

When things go wrong in your house and you can’t find the reason, it’s time to call a qualified electrician.

Electrics are a complicated system of fuseboxes, connectors, sockets and wiring that must be installed correctly, maintained and properly repaired in the event of a failure

Fault finding involves looking at the various aspects of  your electrical system, locating the diagnosing the fault and providing an efficient resolution. This may include sockets not working, lights flickering, plugs overheating, fuseboxes not working correctly, sparking in wiring, unknown power losses and more.

Effective fault diagnosis can repair a long standing fault that may be affecting other areas of your house, so its important to correctly repair the issue when you realise something is wrong.

  • Lights Flickering
  • Random power losses
  • Bulbs turning off
  • Plugs overheating
  • We provide a fast efficient Service
  • We are professionally qualified
  • We will only charge you on the fault itself
  • We test your system for further issues

Finding Faults in Circuitry

We strongly recommend you call us in the first instance when a fault is observed. Fault finding involves a range of steps to take which must be performed in a safe environment.

We use specialist equipment to locate the fault, isolate it and look at the best way to repair it.

If you need any additional work completed, we will inform you upon our initial site visit.