We are your electricians to rewire your house in Doncaster

Rewiring is one of the most important parts of the electrical safety of your property.

When you are completing building work in your home, you may find your property contains old sub-standard wiring that needs replaced. This is often the case with properties build over 40 years ago, and it is these properties that require the most work. We recommend rewiring properties after every 20-25 years to ensure you have the safest, reliable electrical connection available.

Rewiring a property can seem like a huge job to complete, and often home owners don’t realise the cost of rewiring when for example, purchasing an older property. Our prices are very reasonable and we aim to do a quality job without cutting corners.

  • Keep up to date with IEEE Regulations
  • Reduce risk of electric shock and house fires
  • Get certified by a proper electrician
  • Efficient and Reliable service
  • Competitive rates (From £2300 per home)
  • Guaranteed Work (5 years Warranty Available)
  • High Quality Materials
  • Part P Registered

How much will it cost?

A house rewire requires a correct estimation of time and materials used. It also depends on the type of house you have and no two houses will be the same. There may be impediments to the wiring, or other issues such as re-plastering, brickwork and other building work.

Modern electrical fuse boxes use a special type of protection against electric shock, as well as detecting against any residual current. This helps with detecting short circuiting in the wiring and issues with the box.

We are specialised in the installation of the newer 17th Edition consumer units that replace the old type boards  with added safety and reliability.

Please note – DO NOT attempt to fix any issues with your consumer unit yourself. You are risking yourself and your families lives – Consumer Units are very dangerous if incorrectly wired. Please call us if you have any issues with your unit so we can resolve the problem safely!