Do you need extra sockets installed in your house?

Have you had recent building work completed, or an extension? We can install extra sockets for electricity or phones quickly and efficiently.

No need for long extension cables cluttering up your floor! We can install extra sockets wherever you want them – whether thats the kitchen for the new microwave, or you want your kids to be able to have their games consoles in their own rooms. We can help.

With the explosion of modern technology, the need to have extra electrical sockets has been slowly increasing over the years. Our customers have diverse needs, from having a projector installed in their bedroom to installation of extra sockets outside to give total access.

  • Single and Double Sockets
  • Professional Installation
  • Safety Checked and Certified
  • Full circuit check
  • Sockets for New Rooms
  • Existing socket replacement
  • USB Sockets
  • Additional Sockets

Electrical Safety

It is extremely important to maintain the correct electrical safety when performing any kind of electrical work in your home or office. If you see any naked wiring or loose screws, it is always better to call a qualified electrician who can complete the job safely. If any wiring is loose inside, it could potentially pose a serious danger to members of the household or office.  Also, faulty wiring and sockets can cause further problems in your fusebox and constant issues can eventually cause units to fail.

If in doubt, always call us in the first instance and we can advise you.